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Miskatonic Railroad

We have been anticipating this news for a little while, it is excellent to see a number of more info finally trickle out. I think in spite of this, we have heard some of this before. Even if we've noticed this before, the reports generally have something new that might be learned.

Lovecraft. The choice of name reflected my discontent at being exiled from my sunny homeland of Southern California to the history-haunted cityscapes of Boston, Massachusetts. For four long cold years I lived in a cramped apartment a short driving distance from the heart of "Lovecraft Country" the northeast portion of the Shadow State that was featured in Lovecraft's eldrich tales of the horrible Great Old Ones and what happened to them when they met Massachusettians. (Hint: they got grumpy; justifiably so.) Back in sunny Southern California, I was to turn the Miskatonic into a real layout. At left is the ever-evolving track plan.
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