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Polar Vortex Returns

CRANBURY: Students hold Polar Express parade |

School districts by the dozens delayed or closed in the powdery whiteout up north. However this year the temperature plummet will have to wait for the first light of Wednesday. It is then that the arrival of an arctic front will catch our attention. As this front passes Wednesday morning, it will be accompanied by a quick burst of snow (or just flurries) that will lower visibilities while coating some roads with snow. Folks caught in the middle of these snow squalls will sense they are in the middle of a mini-blizzard! You will know that front means business as the northern horizon darkens as though a thunderstorm was swooping in. Behind the front, where the snow falls hard to enough to cover the ground, a deep blue polar sunshine will emerge and glint off the thin mantle of white. Watch you porch thermometer closely as it starts out just below 20 at dawn then tumbles to 15 in the midday sun and 10 by dusk.
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Obamacare 2.0? More than four years after the law's passage, Republicans are as insistent as ever that Obamacare is destined to fail. Illustrating their commitment to taking it down, the GOP-led House plans to vote today on on a bill that would make a major adjustment in the Affordable Care Act. New antibiotic Today's research offers a one-two punch in the search for new antibiotics: a different way of finding them and the discovery of one: Teixobactin, which makes antibiotic resistance unlikely. Right now there is an abundance of details from the current consumer trade shows, it is hard to get essential info with the present deluge. I think this is a excellent explanation much of the fundamental points to know about. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook reports the kinds of mutations that usually cause bacteria to become antibiotic resistant don't seem to affect how the new drug works. Pot investment Until now, it's been a few rich individuals who secretly funded burgeoning pot companies. But for the first time, a major investment firm is going to put its money behind marijuana.
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Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart." One of Tom Hanks characters, the Hobo, in the movie questions where seeing is believing. "Seeing is believing. Am I right?," he said. Another character also talked about seeing is believing and how you cant always see thing that are real. "Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we cant see," said the Conductor. During the past few weeks, students have also read the book from the library. "The teachers read the actual story," she said.
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